Weekend in Steamboat

The weekend before last, I went to Steamboat Springs and by a weekend I mean one night. Drove up early Saturday morning and back late Sunday night. One of my best friends S was going for a family trip with the in laws and since she lives on the other side on the country I took full advantage of the fact that she’d be only 3 hours away. I didn’t have any vacation time to use making it a super quick trip. So here is my 36 hour weekend trip!

Saturday – Day1

Before heading out of town, I grabbed a Starbucks Caramel Frappucino because starting a 3 hour drive at 7 AM was brutal especially when you are driving into the mountains during ski season. Since S and I have a longstanding tradition of geeking out over T Swift together, I made a play list of all my favorites. Don’t judge me, she’s amazing. *Haters gonna hate* The views on the drive were amazing so I stopped a few times to take pictures. Not going to lie, but I really do live in one of the most beautiful states.Steamboat1

I finally got into Steamboat Spring just before 11 AM and went straight to their AirB’n’B. Personally I have never rented one myself but this house was amazing! It was a seven bedroom place that could sleep up to 17 people. We had 14 people staying there comfortably!

One of the most exciting parts of the trip happened as soon as I got in, S told me she was expecting!! With the news that there was now a baby on board, our plans for the trip had to be altered. The hot springs and skiing would have to wait. Instead, we decided to check out the main street in their downtown area. We grabbed a pedicure then visited Lyon’s Drug complete with soda fountain. Since I am tired of winter, I decided to go for a neon orange pedi with flower details (is it summer yet?). Lyon’s was absolutely adorable complete with checkered tile, bar stool counter and neon decor. I felt like we jumped into the 50’s. S got a ‘Not-so-thin’ Mint Shake and I got a waffle cone.Steamboat5Steamboat6

We headed back to the house for the evening and enjoyed sitting on the couch chatting by the fire until the rest of the crew got home from a day on the mountain. The rest of the night was filled with delicious food and wine for me (no wine for baby).

Sunday- Day 2

Since I was only there for the night, I slept on the couch since the full week folks had claimed all the bedrooms. It was great waking up to the smells of biscuits and gravy and egg bake casserole. After breakfast, S and I headed to Starbucks because its vacation so why not? (Side Note: I strongly believe that calories/diets don’t count on vacation)

Since S couldn’t go up on the mountain, we decided to check out Fish Creek Falls since it stayed under 8,000 feet above see level and was only about a mile long. It was a great day for hiking and we got some great pictures. The waterfall was frozen over but still gorgeous. I would almost like to go back in the summer to see it flowing and surrounded by greenery. We had fun taking pictures and enjoying the fresh air.Steamboat2

After the hike, we tried to find the Barn Village and get a picture next to the ‘Welcome to Steamboat Springs’ sign. Both turned out to be more difficult than planned and when it started to rain, we opted to go back to the house for chili instead but not before we found this Elk Statue!Steamboat3

I was sad when it came time to leave but I doubt my boss would believe me if I called in sick on Monday (she knew I was going out of town). I am already starting to plan for a trip to St. Louis once the baby makes his appearance (that’s right, its a boy!).

The highlight of the drive back was a case of perfect timing. As I was headed back to Denver via I-70, it was still light out (though the sun was low) when I entered the Johnson Tunnel (eastbound counterpart of the Eisenhower). But when I exited the tunnel almost 2 miles later, the sun had finished setting and the sky was dark. Not sure how I managed that but it was a cool experience anyways!


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