Snow Day in Denver

We got a snow day in Denver… well a partial snow day. Given the blizzard like conditions in Denver, my company closed the Denver office at noon. Since this NEVER happens (I was sad to learn real companies don’t close unless they absolutely have to), I wanted to take full advantage of situation.

Some of my favorite things to do on a snow day include having a personal spa day and baking! I also love to use this time to clean and prep for any upcoming activities or plans. I did all of these things. When I first got home, I took a few minutes to tidy up the apartment so that I had a nice clean slate for an afternoon of fun! We keep the place pretty clean so it never takes more than 15 minutes to clean up. I always feel more comfortable and ‘at home’ when it’s clean. There are fewer things to distract me too.

It had been a while since I had given my face some love so I used this opportunity to refresh my skin. Given that Denver winters can range from 75 degrees to below freezing and snowing in the same week (literally yesterday and today), it can be very hard on my skin as it never gets the chance to really acclimate. Today, I started with a simple cleansing face wash Aveda Botanical Kinetics Creme Cleanser to clean off any make up or dirt from the top of my skin. Then I whipped out my Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Mud Mask. I absolutely love this mud mask! I got a free trial size sample the first time I went to Whole Food’s ladies night (if you’ve never been to one check your local Whole Foods to see if they have them – I got so many samples of amazing products). I love that it’s a quick mask (only 3-7 minutes). Bonus: its completely vegan and has never been tested on animals! After the mask, I added a little bit of Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer to protect my skin from drying out.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Once my skin was beautiful and soft, it could mean only one thing – cookie time! My absolute favorite cookie recipe is Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice’s Sprinkle Cream Cheese Cookies. I found this recipe on pinterest a year or so ago and now its always the one I go to first. I have made it quite a few times and my coworkers always get excited when I do because I bring a bunch to share. Fair warning they are addictive and you will want to eat them all. After combining the ingredients, you have to let them chill in the fridge for two hours.

I used this time to start prepping for my trip to Vegas. I am the type of ridiculously organized person that I not only plan what we are doing to do on the trip but I also start planning what I will be wearing/packing weeks in advance. I will write later about my packing hacks but today is the day where I actually got out the suitcase and started planning – just for your reference. I also spent some time cleaning and reorganizing some of my craft supplies. I have officially taken over a third drawer for my craft supplies. The third drawer is nice because unlike the first two, it is easier to get to and can house things I use on a more regular basis. Eventually, I would love my own desk (we share one but its mostly his) and craft center. But for now, I will settle for a third drawer.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

We spent the rest of the evening like we usually do on Wednesday nights (watching Arrow and the news) as I finished up the cookies. I had leftover Valentines sprinkles so the cookies have a little extra love in them. Nothing wrong with that right?


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