Packing for a Weekend – I’m going to Vegas!

Guys, I don’t know if you know this but I have never been to Vegas. That ends this weekend. My friend M and I are headed to Vegas for a girl’s trip and I am beyond excited. We got tickets to see Britney’s Piece of Me so you can be jealous of that. I’ll tell you all about the trip later but for now, its time to get packing.

Whenever I fly, I try my hardest to avoid checking bags (especially short trips). If your bag gets lost during a weekend trip, you will likely not get it back until you are already home. As for the type of bag, it generally depends on the type of trip. If I am going to be bringing back more than I left with (shopping) and may need to check a bag coming home, it’s going to be a hard sided roller bag. If not, I much prefer a duffle. It might be a little smaller but it forces you to really think about what you pack and is easy to shove in the overheard bins when space is limited.

I also have a special purse for traveling. It’s much larger than my daily purse but fits everything I need. It’s actually big enough that I can put my full everyday purse inside of it with a few extra things. I also keep my toiletries bag prestocked so I never have to worry about forgetting something I may need. It’s great to have on hand as I can throw it in a gym or beach bag and know I’ll never be missing something I might need. The possibilities are endless and once you’ve got it you’ll wonder why you never did this before.

I like to pack with a specific color scheme. I tried it for the first time last year and it worked great! You can mix and match any of the clothes and wont be forced to wear the outfits as I originally planned if you change your mind. Sometimes you just aren’t feeling it and this gave me the flexibility to make sure I was always comfortable. I highly suggest it. Since this is Vegas, I choose a black and gold theme with a few pops of color.

Keep in mind that this list is perfect for me but I assume you are not exactly like me so change it and make it fit for you. It seems like a bit of over packing but in the past I usually end up with only a few items that didn’t get worn, I think that’s a good ratio. When I start packing, I like to lay everything out on my bed before I pack it. It gives me the ability to look at everything at once and not have to worry about what I had or had not packed yet.

Personal item (large purse):
-Tickets, confirmations, itinerary, etc
-Magazine (doubles as a folder for the documents above)
-Wallet (with ID, cards, and cash- I never travel without at least $40 in cash. I try not to use cards when I am not 100% sure of a business’ rep and you never know when your ride will get a flat and you have to take a cab.)
-Gum (for the flight)
-Cell phone
-iPad (some people might want a laptop but I get along fine with my iPad)
-Cosmetic bag (except liquids)
-Small handbag or clutch
-Seasonal items (Sunglasses, Umbrella, etc)
-Pens, pencils, and a small notebook
-Toiletries: (I got a great travel bag from Victoria’s Secret that can be hung in the bathroom with two large compartments and one small)

In the first large compartment: Quart size ziploc packed with travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, lotion, contact solution, extra set of contacts, toothpaste, Aveno’s positively radiant, any liquid cosmetics, and perfumes (Note: I prefer perfumes to mists so the mini sets from Victoria’s Secret work great since they are so small. To save space, I use Hotel samples as much as possible, they are much smaller and a weekend without top of the line products isn’t going to hurt anyone)
In the second large compartment: toothbrush, mini tissue packet, band-aids, safety pins,  fashion tape, elastic hair bands and headbands, bobby pins, floss, contact case, a small pack of wet wipes, comb, hair clip, and plastic bags folded like paper footballs (There are tons of tutorials on the interwebs for this. They are great for dirty or wet clothes and folding them up saves a ton of space)
In the small compartment: This is great for jewelry. I like to pack one set of silver colored jewelry and one set in a gold or an accent color. A while back, I found some multi-compartmental medicine containers (like your grandma uses) in the dollar section at Target. It works great for holding rings, earrings, and small necklaces without them getting lost or tangled. It fit perfectly in this space as well.

(Jasmine decided to help me with the packing)

Roller Bag or Duffel:
-2 casual tops
-2 nice tops for going out
-1 extra pair of jeans or shorts
-1 dress or dressy outfit for a special occasion (either known or spur of the moment)**
-Sweater or Jacket
-1 pair of heels
-1 pair of casual shoes: sandals (in the summer) or moccasins (in the winter)
-1 pair of tennis shoes (could use as travel shoes as well if you want to save space)
-1 set of work out clothes (at least give yourself the opportunity to work out if the urge arises)
-Swimsuit (No matter where I’m going or what time of year I always bring a swimsuit, your ski lodge might have a hot tub that was not listed. You might not need it but if you don’t bring it, you might wish you would have)**

This should have you set for a basic three-day weekend. If you are going to be there for four, add at least one extra top and bottom (two tops if you know you’ll be going out every night). If you are doing a beach weekend, I suggest at least one swimsuit per day (two a day if you think you’ll be going to and from the beach/pool a lot- there is nothing worse than putting on a wet bikini). If you are going skiing, add ski clothes. So on so forth, I think you get the idea. Since this trip is to Vegas, I packed extras in the dress and swimsuit departments. When in Vegas right?

Processed with VSCO with se1 preset

Hope this is helpful for you! I know having this handy has made packing much easier for me since I made it. What would you add to the list?

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6 thoughts on “Packing for a Weekend – I’m going to Vegas!

  1. Love your packing list! I pack the same way. I love the black and gold theme, it’s perfect for Vegas. I think black dresses are always a hit when going out at night. Those heels though are fire?! What brand are they?

    Your dog is so cute 🙂


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