Friday Five: How to Waste Time at the Airport

Oh my god, is this real life? The answer is yes. I am so excited to finally be in Vegas!
The first time I ever flew was before I could even talk and have taken planes here, there, and everywhere anywhere at least twice a year since then. Some people love car trips but I much prefer flying whenever I get the chance. I have become a pro at not only packing  for these flights but also keeping myself busy in the airport. Being the overly cautious person that I am, I always arrive at the airport at least two hours before my flight (usually earlier for international). On the days when security is fast, that gives me lots of time to sit at the airport on top of the time on the flight itself. Here are some of the things I like to do to waste time at the Airport:

Coffee – I normally stop drinking coffee at noon, but for flights I make an exception. I have never been good at sleeping on planes. I was even up the whole 8 hour flight to/from Paris both times. Never in the history of ever have I gotten to my vacation destination and decided that I should immediately go to sleep. Especially yesterday when I landed in Vegas! I didn’t know what M would want to do so I needed to be prepared for a night out. Without coffee, I would have crashed.

Rearrange Your Bags – Since I like to travel with my luggage as a carry on, my liquids and laptop have to be in my personal bag so they can be checked but rarely do I actually need them on the flight. If I can find a (somewhat) vacant area, I like to move this around a little bit so I’m not worried about kicking my computer under the seat or have my liquids fall out of my bag. Usually, it just takes a few minutes but makes me feel much better.

Read – I am currently two copies of Cosmo behind so what would be a better time to read them than sitting in the airport? I am currently between books (suggestions anyone?), but I like to keep those for the plane since there are less distractions. I’d be too afraid I’d get so engrossed in the book that I’d miss my boarding call!

Pictures – Let’s be honest, we all do this. How else are you going to let the world (your followers) know that you are going to someplace exciting? My favorites: the feet on the luggage, the airport coffee selfie, your plane tickets with the most recent copy of Cosmo.

Blog! – I may be new to blogging but I have always tried to use some of my airport time to be productive. Making to do lists for when I get back, catching up on homework when I was in school, so it only makes sense that yesterday I used this time to blog. I have some pretty funny stuff coming for you soon!

What do you like to do at the airport?

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