Weekend in Vegas

It happened! It really happened! I had been trying to plan a trip to Vegas for the past 5 years but something always fell through. Not this time. When I told M a few months ago that I have been wanting to go to Vegas, she shared my sentiments and together we planned the whole trip and made it happen in less than 2 months. It was especially cool as we hadn’t seen each out in almost two years. Since M lives in Chicago, we met in Vegas on Thursday night and had two full days of fun before flying out on Sunday morning. It was a quick trip but we had a blast! Here is the run down our trip.

Thursday Night
We both had to work so we didn’t get into Vegas until late. By the time we checked in to the Luxor and finally got to our room, it was almost eleven. Since we both had a long day, we decided to stay in for the night so we could get up early the next day. For some reason A Cinderella Story was on TV so we made a few Vodka Cranberries and let Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray put us to sleep.

Since we were still on central and mountain time respectfully, we were both up and ready to start the day by eight. We were a bit hungry and decided to start walking up the strip to find some breakfast and mimosas (but mostly mimosas). Being my first time to Vegas, I was unaware of just how far it was from the Luxor to the main part of the strip. By the time we got to New York-New York, we realized we were not as awake as we thought and stopped to get coffee so that we could take our time to find a good breakfast spot. Once caffeine had been acquired, we continued our trek passed the Mandarin and through Planet Hollywood and found a cute French Restaurant called Mon Abi Gabi at the Paris. We were able to get a table outside with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and the mimosas were nice and strong.

After breakfast we continued our sightseeing tour, we stopped at the Fat Tuesday in front of Casino Royale and purchased some refillable cups filled with the most delicious frozen cocktails that I’ve ever had. We continued down the strip to the Venetian to grab a gondola ride, but since we were up so early, they hadn’t opened yet. Instead of waiting for them to open, we decided to head back to the hotel for some pool time and grabbed an Uber.

Most of the pool chairs had already been claimed so we decided to grab a spot on the grass. I had spent the past few weeks earning reward points on the myVegas app so I cashed some in for a free cocktail at the pool. We shared a Mai Tai and let the sun bronze our skin (and by bronze, I mean burn… I got a little red). For those of you keeping track, that puts us at 3 drinks and it’s still the early afternoon. I don’t regularly day drink so between the dessert sun and the drinks I was ready for a nap. We headed back to the run to rest for a few hours before getting ready for the show.

Post nap, we headed down to the lobby for a quick bit to eat before getting ready. The Backstage Deli was just outside our elevator so we decided to stop there to save time. I had the California Burger. It was delicious but had more guac that I would have liked so I just scrapped some off. After supper, we had only 3 hours until the show started and we still had to grab our tickets from the box office. We had a blast jamming out and getting ready. We left with plenty of time to get to Planet Hollywood.

I hope I have been building your anticipation. Just what show were we going to see? Britney: Piece of Me!!! We basically planned this whole trip so that we could see Britney. After grabbing our tickets from the box office, we headed to the Axis to grab some drinks and find our seats. By this point, I had started to get used to the inflated drink prices in Vegas, but I had not been prepared for the prices at the show. Twenty-four dollars for a margarita was outrageous in my mind but it came with the collectable Britney cup so I loosened the purse strings and forked over the cash.

We got to our seats with half an hour until the show started so we of course took the traditional ‘I’m here’ selfies and enjoyed people watching as everyone else made it to their seats. I love seeing all the different styles that people were wearing. There were the casual people in jeans and t-shirts all the way up to the girls done up in sequin mini dresses with lots of Coachella vibes in the middle. One thing that really caught my eye was that a lot of the outfits I saw were open back or low cut or showed major side boob. Why bring this up? We decided that no one wears bras in Vegas. We would continue to notice this throughout the rest of the trip. Personally, I am not comfortable without one so I applaud the women you can rock these fits. I digress.

Once the show started, it was a giant party from start to finish. Heels may not have been the best choice so I was relieved by the costume change breaks. Britney is an amazing performer! I can’t imagine dancing like that for 90 minutes straight but she made it look like nothing. Some of my favorites were her performances of ‘I Love Rock and Roll’ where she literally danced on giant guitar and ‘Circus’ where there was a flaming circle that she danced through. I was sad that my pictures didn’t turn out great but I was focused on enjoying the show and taking pictures as an afterthought. Again the show was amazing and I highly recommend it!

After the show, we tried to catch the Bellagio fountains but they were cancelled due to the windy conditions so we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.

We decided to sleep in a bit and by sleep in I mean nine. We used more of the myVegas rewards to get BOGO brunch buffets at the MORE Buffet in the Luxor. The food was pretty good for a buffet and included bottomless mimosas (win). After breakfast, we took an Uber to the Venetian to play tourist for the day. After walking around the shops, we decided to take the gondola outside. We were paired with a sweet British couple who were in town for a wedding. Our gondolier Mico was pretty funny (see photo bomb below) and sang to us in Italian.

After our ride, we filled up our Fat Tuesday mugs (adding an extra shot for the fun of it) and went shopping at Caesars. The mall, much like the casinos, was a maze. We caught the animatronic Atlantis show and took pictures with Pegasus.

We also stopped at the Bellagio to see the fountains perform to ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.’ As we made our way down the strip back to our hotel, we stopped at Tickets4Tonight to grab passes to the Titanic Exhibition. We tried to stop by the MGM Grand to see the lions only to learn that they had been moved to The Lion Habitat Ranch five years before. Since we were there, we filled up our Fat Tuesday mugs again and went back to the Luxor. We were hoping to catch some sun by the pool but it was starting to get cloudy and I was still a little red from the day before.

After a quick rest in the room (our feet were getting pretty sore from all the walking), we headed to Tacos & Tequila for dinner. We split the carnitas tacos and filled up on free chips and salsa. M was excited to catch the hockey game on their TVs while we ate. After dinner, we went to the Titanic Exhibition. It was so cool learning about the tragedy and seeing all the artifacts recovered from the shipwreck. We weren’t supposed to take pictures inside but I was able to grab this quick one of the grand stair case.

We originally planned to check out Fremont street but it was starting to get late. We had to be up early for our flights the next day so we just went back to the room to pack and go to bed.

Sunday Morning
Five am came faster than we were planning for so we had to rush to get ready so that M could make her flight. Since I had a later departure, I helped her get to her security line and we said our good byes. Luckily I will be visiting her in September so we won’t have to wait as long until next time. After I printed my pass and did my own security, I grabbed coffee and breakfast from Starbucks before settling in with an issue of Cosmo. You know just wasting my time at the airport.

Things I learned in Vegas:

  1. The strip is longer than you’d think from a picture or map. We averaged 15K steps each day and only walked in one direction.
  2. The casinos are all a giant maze. The signs are only slightly helpful but the directories and staff will help you find your way when you get lost.
  3. The no bra movement is strong in Vegas. I felt like the outsider for always wearing one.
  4. Two full days are definitely not enough and I am excited to go back to check out all the things we missed.

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