What’s in my Pool Bag!

During the summer, it is a sad weekend if I don’t make it to the pool or beach at least one of the days so a pool bag is essential. I always keep it stocked and usually just leave it in the car in case I get a last minute invite while running errands or get off work early and want to go on my way home. Here are some of the things I always have on hand:

bikini: this is pretty vital for pool or beach activities
towel: to dry off or lay on for tanning
sunnies: with UV protection to protect your eyes
tumbler: for water or dranks depending on the mood
beach ball: for fun or if partially inflated it can double as a pillow when you’re tanning
sunscreen: no burns for me please (I also have a tanning lotion with low SPF if I’m not going to be out very long)
perfume: for when it’s time to leave (don’t want to smell like sunscreen all day)
music: this normally is in the form of my iphone and headphones (sometimes a speaker)
flip flops: in case I show up in heels or tennis shoes, I have something to change into
cover up: some places require ‘proper attire’ to go inside for snacks or even the bathroom so it’s good to have something easy to throw on
hair bands: because even when my hair is super cute, its going into a bun at some point LBH (usually after I nail that perfect pool side pic for instagram)

In my post Packing for a Weekend, I mentioned having a pre-packed toiletries bag. One of the bonuses is that I can throw it in my pool bag if we are going out after a day of fun at the beach. I don’t always have it with me because usually I can just go home first or if I’m at our apartment’s pool, I’m literally right there.

What do you keep in your pool bag?

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